Figma to HTML

Hi to everyone,

premising that I am an absolutely new student in the world of HTML programming, I have a very simple question to ask you whose answer could remove a doubt that has become almost Hamletic.
Using the Figma program, at the end of the creation of the Design, you have to deal with the Plugins of code extraction (HTML, CSS, JS). I’ve used a lot of them but the result is always the same: download of files with extensions in the brackets already mentioned. When I’m going to integrate these codes inside my Netbeans project, I realize that it’s not enough just the integration of the new codes from Figma, but I have to make an extra work for each component that form my Web page (for example the positioning of the icons, the functionality of the various buttons etc etc). Something that instead I have not found in the code blocks offered by Primeflex and Primeblocks that are instead very appreciable for their immediacy.
so the question is: the concept of Figma should be to give the possibility to create the look and also some functionality of a Web page, then you should be able to simply extrapolate the HTML, CSS and JS codes, integrate them in your project, and have already ready the final result (without too much extra work). Have I simply misunderstood the concept of the software, or am I using the wrong method?

I thank in advance all those who are interested in this issue and will answer to this post.

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