Figma to FigJam: Synchronize design changes

So any update on this one?

Im tired of using overflow…having all the designs in only one environment is a life saving time!


I’m interested too, not for the money, just to help you guys!

I hate Overflow because a lot of basic features are still not available. Overflow is kind of unflexible and get horrible if you start creating high complex user flows.

I hope (!) FigJam will get some User Flow Features as well because for me its not only an Miro Alternative. With both tools you can build up kind of all creative process about conception, designing, user flow, prototype and handover in one tool…

So import an existing frame and mirror it from the design file right into the FigJam file would be an very good feature.

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This is the only reason my design team continues to use Miro vs Figjam; one simple change, and we would switch straight away. Figaro plugin is buggy and doesn’t always work as designed, but it’s better than no syncing at all.

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Need this! So we don’t have to rely on Mural anymore…

Is there an update to this feature request? Or its even documented as an feature request on Figma/FigJam’s backlog etc.?

When I copied and pasted my Figma prototype screens into FigJam for flow presentation, I realized that whenever I make any changes on Figma prototype, the same screens on FigJam does not get synced, and there is no way to manually sync them. I’d have to manually copy and paste the same screens again.

For time-saving purposes, I think we need a sync ability for any screen copied and pasted from Figma prototype.


I see a great potential of FigJam, but it lives separate from Figma now. It’s been a great feature if we can link layouts from Figma to FigJam and auto-sync it when changes were made in Figma.
This gives an ability to make flows (sticky notes, highlights etc.) in FigJam with Figma actual layouts.
PS: No matter if flows can be realized directly in Figma, but currently I see, that FigJam is a better way to do this.


Is it a little disappointing that this feature isn’t core to FigJam.

It’s almost as if “We have this great design tool”, “We now have this great collaboration tool for people to come together on” - and yet ironically the two products aren’t joined at the hip.

Perhaps one day there will be a FigJam plugin or widget to dynamically embed frames from Figma > FigJam. If a quick change to a screen design comes up during a FigJam call, make the edit there & then in FigJam - get everyone’s agreement and it’s reflected in the Figma design file - it seems so obvious to me?

Or on a more basic level if FigJam is used to diagram user-flows with copy & pasted screens from Figma, then the colours or labels or whatever change in the design file, the user flow diagram in FigJam is now out of date with the design file.


One more vote for this idea. Currently, I’m using Figjam to hand off UI flow to engineers. But every time the mockup changes, I need to copy and paste the frame from Figma to Figjam and link the flow all over again, which is exhausting and bothering me. The sync-up function could be a major standout compared to any other similar tool like Miro.


I think I have read around enough from recent posts that the ability to:

Embed, or input live (always up to date) Figma screens into FigJam is NOT possible.

I want to ideate in FigJam with workflows and ideas, create designs in Figma, and then be able to build robust workflows utilizing the current state of the Figma screen in FigJam. Has anyone seen or tried a good plugin, or does this or COULD THIS exist in the future?

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If you embed a Figma frame link inside FigJam (by pasting in the link), it will show the live embed and update with any changes made from the Figma file. I wouldn’t consider this ideal, but hopefully it works in the meantime.


I think this feature needs to be released ASAP. As designers, we really need it. Combine Figma and Figjam. Two products (Figma and Figjam) cannot be synced. It is very very annoying. We create designs on figma and create design flows on figjam. Every time I update Figma, I need to copy and paste the frame layer to figjam. Make this feature as priority and release it on Feb.

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Request would be awesome.

As a temporary solution, having the paste-to-replace work between Figma and Figjam would be great (copy from Figma, paste-to-replace in Figjam to update mocks in a flow)


White-boarding is an awkward space at the min.

Literally have:

  • Figjam (Thought it would be good to live in Figma’s walled garden).
  • Overflow io (Does what this post is asking).
    -InVision(Becuase FigJam doesn’t have sketch/hand-drawn box capability).

Such a mess :confounded:


+1 To this
This will be really really helpful!

Yeah it is necessary! Any news?

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I think this has to be the number one priority for the product at the moment, or at least, as someone mentioned, having paste to replace so you dont have to fix all the arrows everytime a wireframe changes


+1 Please make this a priority!


Yikes - I’m glad I found this thread before I got too deep on FigJam bc I assumed this was possible!

I’m trying to make wireflows that can update as we update our core screens - I figured figjam would be my best bet, but seems like Miro is actually going to work better at this point, since I can push screens there with Figmiro. (Figmiro is a little iffy but at least it kind of works)

Figma, pls tell me you’re going to update this soon so I don’t end up recreating it in FigJam in 3 months