Figma stills money from card and support doesn't explain it

I paid the previous month’s 1-year subscription and was supposed not to pay for 12 months anymore but this month without any warnings money was stilled from my card! 8 hours ago I wrote to support but they didn’t answer! What is going on??? Who can help and explain?

Hey there – so sorry to hear you are having issues with your billing! I see in our backend that the support team has solved your issue via email. (I’ve gone ahead to mark as solved and close this topic).

For others in the community who may have similar issue, this usually happens because there are added seats outside the original annual agreement.

In order to prevent additional charges in the future, you can also change the team’s default role in admin settings from “Viewer” to “Viewer - Restricted.” This will apply a restricted role to any new team collaborators so that only admins can upgrade them to paid editors: Set default roles This Help Center provides also instructions when there are additional charges in your Figma bill.

I also recommend having an admin set up email notifications to keep track of who has upgraded and what action led to their upgrade using the guide linked here: Get notified when people upgrade to an editor role.