Figma stays on the home page CPU consumption

Since yesterday, it seems that the home page is undergoing a revision, after which it appears that suddenly the cpu usage is around 20%, and I am using a MacBook 2016, so when it has been at 20% CPU usage, the fan will have 6000 rpm and the temperature reaches about 70 degrees, and I close all the documents and only stay on the home page for 10 minutes, and it remains so.

Same here, on the Native App or Chrome, the homepage engage the fan at maximum speed (& 86% CPU usage) on a 2019 MacBook Pro, since the last Figma update made today…

If I open a doc, without the homepage, on a Chrome Tab, its OK.


I tried to open the home page in chrome and found an infinite number of prompt messages in the console, which I think may have something to do with this: