I’m about to hire a Figma website designer for my e-commerce store. I use Shopify, but I’m not sure if I can integrate Figma to Shopify. Has anybody done this? If so, how?

Integrate in what way? No matter what platform you use, you’ll still have to develop what was designed in Figma.

Yes, you can integrate figmga into shopify. Follow the bellow steps.

1- Start with a cover to send project details and make it easier to find a file in the grid view.

2- Use an overview page to provide additional resources and contact information, and add or remove line items and sections.

3- Lay the groundwork for the project by gathering information and creating user flows and journey maps.

4- Use separate pages to investigate possible solutions, test prototypes, and collaborate with sticky notes.

5- Move pages from the Explore section to the Build section to build the right solution and gather feedback, and use distinct landing pages for each milestone or unique designs for each device. Use a checklist to conduct a design review before implementing a new product.