Figma search in general is not working as intended

I’ve found that basic search in Figma doesn’t give the all the files that contains the searching characters.

Take a look at this example :

  1. I have a file named [SMT] eHandbook
  2. I typed the word “handbook” to the search bar but suggested results are nothing related to the word.
  3. Only when i type “ehandbook”, the result that i was looking for appeared

I expected that the system will give all the files with the name containing the word i typed, but there is no clue to know how it works

Hey there,
Thanks for your valuable feedback! To clarify, this is an expected behaviour. I have shared it to our internal team. They will consider if for future enhancement. We really appreciate it!

(To give you some visibility how search is set up currently, handbook would not be a searchable query to yield ehandbook , but e , eha , ehand , etc. would be because of how we tokenize the strings.
e-handbook would also be searchable via handbook as an example.)