Figma SCIM Provisioning Conflicts


I am currently working on setting up Figma scim provisioning between our IDP and the Figma application. A couple questions.

  1. I cannot access previously created accounts that weren’t created through SCIM through the SCIM API. Why? SCIM is supposed to just be a compatibility API layer that goes on top of Identity backend data that makes it so that all applications have a common way to access this information.

  2. Because of previous step, I will have to go in and create a POST request via the .csv report I can download from Figma as an admin to actually create the account.

Does creating an Account with the same userName and externalId automatically link these accounts? How will i know these accounts are linked?

  1. Is there any risk that when I create these accounts via scim, it will overwrite projects and reset accounts?

  2. If I create an account, do I have to also transfer the seat configs via the scim api, or if I don’t, will seat status also be reset? (figmaPermission, devModePermission, figjamPermission)