Figma "Reports" (time, timelapsed video, etc) / Activity Time / Audit Time

For folks that need to log hours or reports / proof / ideas of what they worked on, I’d love to have a quick time lapse of my Figma screen, showing what I did in a given work “period” as defined by the user. For granularity, I’d love to ask it for these lapses between certain hours.

For instance, 9am - 6pm work day - the default would be it records the any time some is working for more than 1 minute… Imagine an AI driven world where I could ask Figma “hey Figma, what did I work on last thursday between 1pm to 4pm?”. The resulting feedback would be a quick timelapse (say a snapshot every minute). Once I had the output, it would be great to be able to attaches “notes” or meta data to that work. So the hole exercise would be about extrapolating evidence work done / what was achieved, etc.

Hey @David_Martinez1 - I went ahead and modified your request title to add some additional phrasing. I’m aiming to help others looking for a similar feature to be able to find this and add a +1