Figma, release an official version for LINUX users

Please release an official version for the LINUX operating system because the version on github is unstable and outdated.

Please think of your Linux users.


I even have a YouTube channel where I speak highly of the tool.

Several designers have already migrated to Figma due to the channel’s suggestions, but now I really need to use it on Linux and I need the official version.

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Hey Samuel, thanks for your feedback!
We understand how Linux support could be useful, but at this time, it’s not something we have ‌immediate plans to work on. We will pass along to our team your feedback.
In the meantime, others in the community have requested something similar. Feel free to vote the idea, so we can gauge the overall interest in the community: Official Linux Support

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@Celine_Figma Today I discovered a way to integrate the official Figma into Linux (without needing to download Figma via SNAP, github etc…)

By next week at the latest, I will create super content on YouTube teaching how to get around this situation and use the official Figma.

I ask you not to close the topic until next week so I can post the link here for you.
Hugs! :hugs:

Hey Samuel,
Thank you for letting me know! No worries, the topic will close only automatically after 90 days after the last reply in the topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Celine_Figma Follow the video tutorial below on “How to run the official Figma on Linux” just by transforming the web version into an app.

You can now forward this resolution to everyone for now until the Figma team makes the link to download the installation file.DEB available on the website.

I hope you like it, a big hug to the whole team! :hugs:


@Josh Criei um video rodando o Figma com nativefier no linux-LMDE-6.
Espero que te ajude, abraço! :hugs:

Did you add translation please for english listeners?
@Celine_Figma, i totally agree with him, sometimes when you are tired with Windows and want something new, especially for dev, you go on Linux/Ubuntu_distro.

I will be including the caption today at your request. A hug! :upside_down_face:

@Andre_Yoann_KENMOGNE_NGAMGA done!

However, as I added text during editing, it may interfere with the subtitle a little, but you can modify the style of the video subtitle by going to settings.

I hope I helped, a big hug! :hugs:

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This is great. Thank you. Is Figma app fully functional with this setup (installing/using plugins etc.)?
I guess yes, since it is an Electron app. Just wanted to make sure.

Yes and thanks, but because it is electron app so huge memory.

yes my friend!
However, in some Linux versions I was unable to run native

How come there is still no official linux release? Hurry up please, you got the resources! I’m envisioning an electron app with gnome-like custom titlebar controls to set a new standard