Figma random scroll with Wacom Intuos Pro


Maybe someone has this same isuue.

I use Figma app in Win10 with a Wacom Intuos Pro M, and sometimes (really often) the scrolling and zooming gets crazy.
The app starts a random scroll to one of the sides, and then goes up. After a bit of seconds I get the control again, but after a while the issues starts again. Sometimes really often, sometimes no.

It isn’t dramatic, but it’s frustrating.

Someone understand what I mean, and how solve it.

Thanks a lot.

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I have logged this as a bug already here:

please make some noise in that thread and hopefully they will get around to it, rather than adding rock paper scissors in figjam :))

I turned off Window Ink on the lower-left corner in pen setting seems to fix the problem


Thank you @Solomon_Choi. This problem was giving me headaches, your suggestion fixed the problem for me.