Figma prototype preview lags a lot when we have components and added interactions

The Figma prototype preview lags significantly when we have components and added interactions, slowing down the preview page scroll. It suddenly jumps up and down within the same page. How can we resolve this issue? Tried clearing the cache and memory of the app. But no use. Specifically where we have used animated interactions at that place its lagging / getting stuck most of the time.

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Hey @Srinivasan_P_L ,
Sorry to hear you are experiencing issue with the prototype preview! Is it happening in the browser, desktop app or both? Usually, the slowdown in prototype performance is likely due to the size and number of pages in the file.

As clearing the cache doesn’t help, can you try to split up large files, removing hidden layers, or reducing large assets?
You can find some tips in our article that may help you to minimize memory-heavy elements in your file (which can affect the performance of your prototype). : here

If this still doesn’t help, I’d recommend you to reach out to the support team: here
Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a quick video recording, links to the affected file, and share it with so they can take a closer look.