Figma prototype keeps crashing

Hey, I’ve tried for a couple of hours to get my Figma prototype working but it’s continuously crashing on mobile.

Steps I’ve tried:

  • Compress images using Downsize plugin
  • Check for hidden layers
  • Remove animations
  • Reduce complexity
  • Tried both increasing the number of components and removing (detaching) them
  • Removing autolayouts
  • Moving just the prototype frames to a new board and leaving everything else behind

When I save the .fig file it’s only 403KB and I’ve created and used prototypes much heavier than this before. But this one just fails to load on my mobile device completely.

Colleagues of mine are also having an issue with this prototype, so it’s not isolated to my mobile device.

Any help would be appreciated. I can share access to the Figma board if needed.

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