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Figma Project screen goes blank when right-clicking an element

I see there may be a related behavior related to plug-ins.

In my case, whenever I right-clicked an element for the context menu, the screen would go blank. Figma didn’t crash, but the screen would blank. Closing the project and re-opening restored the screen but the behavior would repeat. This happed on the Web and desktop versions. I wasn’t actively using the plug-in manager or any particular plug in when this happened. Eventually after a few reboots and updating the desktop app, the issue resolved, but it was very disconcerting.

Hey there @Sam_Reynolds. This is related to this thread here: Figma crash [January 12, 2022] when loading plugin list; right-clicking on the canvas; running Quick actions - #48 by Josh
We’re actively investigating and we’ll keep the community updated via this thread. Thanks!

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