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Figma pricing per project and editor seat

Hi all,
I know this is not my business and i should go with the politics Figma forces to me or i can freely use Axure or any other tool.
But i would like to share my opinion about the Figma monetization.
I am solo developer using bunch of tools all the time to create my personal project. Lately subscription based SaaS solution band wagon is taking off like crazy. Turn left - i should pay subscription, turn right - the same story.
The problem is … i am not using those tools DAILY.
Nor Figma, nor MS Excel, nor many other tools.
But paying for just to keep the account and its data even if i am not using it for months, does not feel right. All those SaaSes these days counts up. And every SaaS thinks that 5-10$ is not a big deal. It is not! If taken alone. But if you are the full-stack developer, who uses like 20 different tools time by time then paying up to 200$ monthly for things you are not using daily… its too much for me. Regardless that everybody thinks that developers makes a ton of money.
What i would like to have is to pay for the Figma projects i own or participate. For example i am OK to pay for the project like 15-20 Eur per year and probably a couple Eur for the additional editor seats. But within those 20 Eur i can do whatever i want. As many pages as i want. But also i would like to have team library support within the same project for project organization purposes.
For me 144 Eur or 15-20 Eur is a huge difference.
I dont need a option to make gazillion of projects for 144 Eur. I need a option to manage and to own single project.
If i would be IT company or design studio with bunch of customers i definitely would be OK with the current politics.
Until that… seems to me that Axure is much better option for me even if its initial cost is much higher and prototyping options much wider.


I’d just like to add that it would be nice to have an option for a Personal Use Subscription. I’m using Figma for personal projects (designing my website, graphic designs, etc), and not working with teams or using it as a business.

I wouldn’t mind paying a fee per year since I’m getting good use from the program, but there isn’t a payment option for my type of usage. This program seems to be for business-only at this time and not for casual users who may also receive benefit from using the program.


Yes, exactly. It’s my little pet project which i am slowly polishing for years :smiley: and i don’t need option to manage multitude of projects per 144.
I would like to be able to share the component library between my projects. One project for component library/styleguide and the other for the application itself. In total - 30 Eur per year would be great for my little needs.
Free plan with only 3 pages is awful. You can’t do any meaningful project with it.

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Yes, I’d think 30$ a year seems pretty standard for a single person. That’s what I’m paying for my Image-Editing software. My vector programs are free for personal use…

Also, there must be a glitch as I’m only able to create 2 projects in Figma as my limit.

So… I’ll be waiting until Figma decides to allow a personal-use tier. Unfortunately, I’ll be shopping around for an alternative. Farewell Figma! It was fun~

By projects do you mean files? You can only create up to three files within the Starter team but you can create infinite files in Drafts.

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I guess it’s hard to keep track of your files in the Drafts. Messy, right?

It would be great to have a subscription for one team with unlimited projects and files. I mean, we can organize the files by projects and stuff.

Vote for this suggestion: Create Folders/Categories/Tags for files


I must have mis-understood the messaging: I was under the impression that files in Drafts would be impermanent unless moved to a team…

I’m totally fine with having my projects floating in Drafts! (being a single user)

Just to note : after using Adobe’s UI, Affinity, Vectornator, and Inkscape, I really wish Figma’s UI would become the standard. I felt like a caveman going back to the Adobe tool-flow interface.

As for the Team project limit of 3 : I was receiving a message that my limit was reached after 2 files, but this seems to have changed, where I receive a message to upgrade after having 3 files.

Thanks for the headsup, my conversion to Figma continues…

Yes, the files in drafts are permanent and unlimited.