Figma Preview Doesn't Work Properly on iPad

This question has been asked in some variation or another, but after searching 3.5hrs on the web, still cant find a decent workable answer.

I’m working on a iPhone X screen app, and preview looks great on iMac and iPhone X. But when i preview it on iPad Pro (2018) it either gets blown up to fit to the screen size in Chrome, or its interactive components all go haywire in Safari.

Any updates from the Figma team, or workaround for this? It’s urgent. Thanks all.

I have the exact same iPad model and my workaround is to use the iPad’s multitasking feature and run the Figma app in a Split-View window (usually at 1/3 size) or in Slide Over.

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Thanks for your suggestion – its the best solution yet for me.

Tried viewing on Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Safari, even downloaded some third-party screen mirroring and forced-desktop browser view apps, tried requesting desktop views, and of course Figurative. All don’t achieve or resolve the issue – hope Figma can fix this soon.