Figma presentation view

I’ve downloaded a community file and I noticed that they’re using the desktop size of 1440P x 1024P. This is fine, but I noticed that when I view the file in presentation view, it fills up my entire screen (which is 1920p). The content doesn’t become out of place, it’s just filling the sides with white spacing (which is what I want). I noticed that when I tried creating my own desktop size of 1440p, it just crops the sides out with a black screen which just looks horrible. I’ve tried playing around with the settings but nothing seems to work.

One interesting thing however is, when I copy over my desktop artboard to the community file, it shows exactly how I want it in presentation view (white spacing sides), but when I view it in my own personal file, it shows the black sides. So that’s interesting. I’ve attached screenshots to show you what I mean.

Hi @Ajay_Dindayal! The background for the Presentation view is configured in the Prototype panel in the Design file. Deselect the elements and change the background color in this panel.

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