Figma powerup for Trello

The Figma powerup for Trello has recently stopped working across all the Trello boards it has been installed on. The powerup is still installed, active and apparently still linked to my Figma account but the ‘Figma’ button (Click to add a file or prototype) has just… vanished.

All my other powerups are working fine and so I’m wondering whether:

  • anyone else is using Figma & Trello? Is your setup still working OK?
  • anything has changed in Figma or the powerup recently that might be causing issues? (There was a new Figma release this weekend. Could that be causing the problem?)

One thing I did notice was that the Figma plugin does NOT comply with the Trello privacy and data security T&Cs. That shouldn’t stop the powerup from working AFAIK but it might suggest the latest version is a bit buggier than the previous one.

Thanks for any help you night be able to provide! :slight_smile: