Figma Plugin Redesign Concept

Hello Everyone

I really love using Figma and have been using it for the last 4years. While using it on daily basis I faced some issues with plugin navigation and here is my solution to it.


  • List view
  • Have to scroll down always
  • No way to pin favorite plugins.
  • No way to easily navigate the plugin list
  • Hard to find a specific plugin if I use it rarely.


  • Having another section beside layers will give plugins more easy access.
  • Having the icons for fast recognition of plugins
  • Ability to add favorites and have different sections which will help to find the plugins easily.
  • Hover effect for easier navigation
  • status showing which plugin is running
  • Search by Name, Feature, Tags, etc. Result will show plugins that are installed and also available in the community.
  • Icon for easier recognition.
  • Name and details for easily understanding what the plugin is all about.
  • stop button to highlight the plugin that is currently running.
  • Collapsing feature is to commodate the situation having too many plugins.

It would be kind of you if you guys can take a look and share your thoughts.

​​Figma Community: @zanahid

Behance: Behance

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I support it all the way @figma

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