Figma plugin - published version doesn't load google fonts

I’m using google fonts in my Figma-plugin. Since Figma changed their publishing policy and require manifest.json to include networkAccess, the fonts are not loading although I added google fonts to allowed domains.
The development version loads it with not issue.
Anyone know how to solve it? this is my manifest.json:

  "api": "1.0.0",
  "editorType": [
  "id": "1234",
  "name": "my plugin",
  "main": "build/main.js",
  "ui": "build/ui.js",
  "networkAccess": {
    "allowedDomains": [
    "devAllowedDomains": [

What error appears in the console log? You will probably need to include in your list of allowed domains.

I saw that it is optional but when removing it I can’t publish.
I will try the idea. Thanks!