Figma performance issue

I am using the latest Figma 114.3 version in my Macbook Pro 2019. The performance is getting slow at times and it’s super slow when multiple people are in one file and using Figma call.

Does anyone have this problem?

Hi @Ananthu_Sankar,

It might be a problem with your Figma file, your local machine, network connection etc. FRom what you say about multiple people in the same call, it sounds like a bandwidth problem/bad connection.

Is it a very complex file with many Layers and do you have enough memory? You can check it with the “resource use”-tool:


(try keeping the tool open when you have a multiplayer session going with chat, and see what happens)

If it happens even with simple Figma-files on a Macbook Pro from 2019 with enough memory , my guess would be that it is a network issue.

Hope that helps you :slight_smile:

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