Figma on cloud pc like AWS and gcp

So I was wondering if figma is accessible and usable on cloud pc/virtual machine! If it does i really wanna know the experience people had using it on cloud machines… Please share your detailed experience … i searched regarding this topic but couldn’t find any content

Not sure what you are trying to do. You can’t host it yourself. You could run a browser or Electron app on a supported VM and use it via a virtual terminal but not sure why you would want to?

Basically i want to test it and more specifically I will be travelling a lot now… and I won’t have my workstation so… I was thinking of cloud pc as I can access it from my Chromebook and tablet as well.

Figma runs in the cloud you can access from anywhere with a web browser.

Chromebook is supported

Ok i need some clarification … so you’re saying that figma doesn’t use local host resources at all? … is it completely cloud based?

Yes you can’t run it offline