Figma no longer works without hardware acceleration / WebGL

The Figma desktop app has recently introduced a regression where it no longer functions without graphics acceleration. This breaks my workflow because I rely on using my integrated Intel GPU to get accurate color reproduction for screenshots.

Content rendered on my Nvidia RTX GPU is color shifted by the hardware to more accurately reproduce the sRGB color space on my laptop’s incredibly stupid and messed-up display, but the color correction shows up in screenshots. That makes it impossible to share accurate screenshots of my work with others, so I use a CRU utility to restart my graphics drivers whenever I start Figma to force it to use software rendering.

The problem is that recently this stopped working, and Figma complains about not being able to use WebGL. To be perfectly clear, this used to work, but does not anymore.

Please bring back the ability to use software rendering, as I literally cannot use the Figma desktop app in this state.


Figma works in Google Chrome without hardware acceleration, which is weird.

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I’m using displayLink and can’t have hardware acceleration enabled because some video players on chrome can’t run then(just a black screen is present in the canvas).

Any reasons why they now mandatory require hardware acceleration?

This is kinda a deal breaker

Hey All,

Apologies for the delayed reply and frustration!

Figma has required WebGL to fully function as it has become an industry standard supported in all browsers, since late of Fall 2021.

For security assurance, WebGL is heavily sandboxed and tested, and hardware acceleration is required in presentation mode to play prototypes.