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Figma needs to raise awareness when charging for additional editors

We had to migrate files across different accounts. The only way we found possible was to add the origin account as editor and transfer the files and ownership. Anything else resulted in losing edit privileges during the process.

A month later, we get a notice that we owe 15$.

During the interaction of adding another editor, we never got any feedback from Figma about that costing an extra 15$.

Now, we got a ticket about the issue but, as usual, it delays days to be handled (another drawback that needs to be addressed).

Last but not least, even the editor account that was paid for one year in advance is now locked.

This is not the best way you can do this. You need to provide feedback to the users when they come across an interaction implies an additional charge (yes, even if it’s somewhere documented). Instead of suspending editors, make the add editor interaction prepaid (like it normally is when you get the first editor), so that you don’t prevent paid editors from using the service, which is not a proper because those editors were paid.