Figma native app lagging on m1 pro


So everytime when I click the mousewheel and move the view around in Figma native app, on my m1 pro, it kind of lags/freezes for a part of a second and it feels very annoying, this doesn’t happen on the browser version of the app, what could be the issue?

You can see this in action here →

I’m having the same issue since this morning.

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that you both have been encountering some slow performance while using Figma. I’ve checked from my end on a MBP M1 with the desktop app v116.13.3 but didnt experience any lag when replicating your example from the video.

Can you check if you have any updates for your OS and for the app and update if so. I would also suggest trying to clear the desktop apps cache since you’ve noted its only happening in the desktop app.