Figma Mirror, WearOS & WatchOS App. (Two Ideas)

First Idea:

This sounds crazy. I’d love to suggest if Figma could develop a watch app so designers who create app for both WearOS and WatchOS could interact with thier designs without having to use third-party platforms for prototyping.

The app I am suggesting is just like the traditional mobile app that allows designers interact with the interfaces while they design. “Mirror Section” to be precise.

Second Idea:

Hey Figma, could you please add frames for wearables running on Google WearOS (e.g Galaxy Watch5, Gen 6 Wellness and Summit)?
I loved the experience I got when prototyping the UIs for Apple Watch.

What do you guys think? Kindly share your thoughts please.


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Wearables are a billion dollar industry, and the fact that this request hasn’t been implemented means Figma is losing out to third party platforms. With the Metaverse and now entry of Apple Vision, there is need to push and have a market-ready mirror app.

Currently, I use ProtoPie/ProtoPie Connect with Adruino or Bloks for that , but would to have such feature on one Figma platform.

I started working on something in August after getting a notification of your comment in my email. It remained of the Idea.

I hope to share it with the world soon. I’m designing it following the watchOS 9 design templates. I feel like I’m kinda slow with the process but it’s coming along fine, currently stuck on the notification flow. (i.e the comments, replies, mentions, editor access & reactions). It’s giving me a hard time.