Figma mirror: share a session with other people

Hello everyone,

I love Figma and use it almost everyday. One of the features I love is Figma Mirror. I use a lot for user testing with apps. What I usually do is set up a bunch of phones, then gather colleagues around a table, and guide them through the designs using the mirror function from my phone. That way, anyone can interact with the design at their own pace.

The only problem with this is that it takes quite some time to set up the phones to log into my account, and I sometimes have to share my account password so that everyone can have access to the mirrorring.

It would be awesome to have a feature so that people can join in on a presentation, using a special link or a temporary code for example.


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Hey Valentin, thank you for raising this feature request with us. I’ve merged your post with a similar one. Feel free to upvote the post.