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Figma Mirror on iOS issues

Hey folks, one year ago we tried Figma Mirror for user testing and we concluded that the app is unusable for testing - due to inability to turn off hotspots and unintentional double-clicking (eg clicking on back button on page -5, jumps to minus -1 as it takes into account all pages not just the current one).

Are you planning to fix it?

Thank you,

Figma Mirror wasn’t made for user testing as far as I know so why would it be usable for that? Regarding the “are you planning to fix it” part, you can contact the Figma team and ask, probably in your case via the bug report form since it seems like you found some bugs and it would be nice to report them with examples, videos, screenshots, file links OS info and other important information.

Gleb - don’t take me wrong. It doesn’t have to be user testing, but any kind of testing when I wire a prototype together and I wanna test it out. And thanks for sending me the report form, though maybe the link to the report form should be already in Figma, instead of Support Forum :wink:

You can contact support via the Figma app too: