Figma Mirror for visionOS / Apple Vision Pro

I’ve started playing with Apple Vision Pro and am in the process of designing an app for visionOS. Having the Apple visionOS design system is great, but I’m dying to view my prototype like a native application in visionOS.

I’m wondering if there are plans for a Figma Mirror app for visionOS. The simplest version I could think of would be an instance of the prototype in a visionOS window where the prototype has a transparent background.

Next step from there would be reading ‘hover’ triggers as eyes focusing on those UI elements, or perhaps introducing a new device-specific trigger.

Currently I’m using Figma to create my ‘flat’ that goes through all of the interactions, but it doesn’t feel like a real app in AVP. We’re using Spline and exploring other tools to view windows and volumes in space, but they lack the interactivity and statefulness that Figma offers.

Thank you for your consideration :pray:

Hey @Payam_Rajab, thanks for the feedback!

This isn’t on our immediate roadmap, but we’ll pass this onto the team for future consideration.

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