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Figma Links Not Opening in Desktop App, Despite Setting

Hey all, we’re looking into this now. Thanks for reporting


Hey all this should be fixed now! You might need to refresh or restart your computer. Apologies on the inconvenience here.

Let us know if you still run into this after restarting

Fantastic work, Josh. Fixed the issue for me.

I had to do a full restart, then the browser prompted me, “Do you want to open this file in the desktop app?” After selecting “Always open in the app,” the issue is resolved.


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As of about a week ago, Figma links no longer open in my app. This can be a problem since the browser can not support the size of the file and may reload over and over.

The option to open in app doesn’t pop up and if you go to the Figma logo is says “get the app” instead of “open in app” despite having the app open at this moment.

What can I do?

Hi @Lisa_Lessenger_AWF! We rolled out a fix a few days ago. Please try restarting & let us know if you still have any trouble!

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in browser figma there is no more 「Open in desktop app」

It seems like the installation of the desktop app is not detected for some reason. Try reinstalling the desktop app and restarting your computer.

Reinstalling and restart not help for me on mac & google chrome v.93
Work only in safari

Try change link to figma://file/…

I had this problem days ago, and I’ve solved just restarting the Figma app (quit and starting again) on Macbook.

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