Figma licensing breaks all corporate rules

Figma is the only tool we are using as an agency where the editor is an admin!! Can someone let Figma team understand the corporate structure (sorry to be harsh)
1.Admin/Finance/Owner : Are in charge of licensing
2.Editor: Is a creator
3.Reader: is either a client/team member who can provide feedback.

Isn’t it simple? Why figma is charging us unnecessary license fees and hiding behind True(?)ups / terms and conditions / “we reminded you one week before”.

This will now force me to cancel my figma license and look for an alternative. My team loves figma as a tool but it is simply not ready for corporate structure. (again sorry to be harsh)

Are you on Figma Organization or Figma Professional plan?

Organization plan

I agree, this setup is suboptimal. Right now I’m set as the admin for my team but that’s not ideal, because the true admins are our IT team and they shouldn’t have to ping me my credentials to manage our company account.

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