Figma keeps crashing

Hey there. I have been using Figma in an iPad app called “Figurative”. It worked for me really well for about a year. Yesterday it started crashing/quitting anytime i do something. What should i do?

Hey @Marci1,

It may be best to reach out to Figurative Support directly: If you prefer Twitter, you can also send a message to @figurativeapp.

I can confirm this! It crashes directly in the browser as well so it’s definitely not a Figureative issue since the app is just a container. When will you release a damn iPadOS native app anyway? The iPad is more than capable of running Figma especially the latest with M1 and M2 on board.

Yes. The website doesn’t work either. I’m glad it isn’t just me

Are you by any chance on iPadOS 16.4? Look 🚨 Figma mobile app is not supported on the iOS 16.4 Beta! 📱
This explains why it doesn’t work on my end at least.

Yes, I am. I really hope they fix this quick, because it is very frustrating. Figma worked surprisingly good on iPad Pro for me and I hope I can keep using it

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