Figma isn't working on MacOs, infinite loading

Figma is in a state of infinite loading on MacOs 14.2.1 and browser version of Chrome as well.
I have cleared cache and reinstalled the app, but the issue remains.
Figma is working only on web version on Safari.
My internet connection is ok, tried it with home internet and in the office.

Hey @Elena_Semenchuk - I’m sorry if this has been interrupting your work :disappointed: It looks like you may be working with someone on our technical quality team already to figure out what’s going on.

I’d recommend continuing the conversation via email with them – once you’ve gotten it situated, I’d love to have you drop the solution you came up with as a response to this topic, so it can help any others that may go through something similar.

make sure that firewall is not blocking the Figma connection. You have to list the Figma to allow connection list. Also clear the cache and cookies of chrome browser. Then restart the connection and retry connection to Figma.

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