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Figma is way too slow

Figma Team, you’re amazing :muscle:t2:
It’s great to be able to collaborate with team members.
And to create clickable prototypes without exporting files to some other instrument.
And to add nice animations to those prototypes.
FigJam is cool.
Branching seems promising.

But, seriously, all of that is
SLOW :turtle:

I have 32 GB DDR4 memory, and it’s not enough? How can it be?

What’s the point of those prototypes, if you have to wait awkwardly for them to load during the presentation?
What’s the point of variant components if they make files so heavy, that it takes up to 7 seconds for them to open?

Guys, please, take some engineering tasks, make the experience “WOW” again. Don’t become second Photoshop you’ve once killed

Your fan since 2016

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