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Figma is kills my macbook

Macbook Pro 15 2018, i7 2.2 GHz, 16 Gb, High Sierra 10.13.6
When I start Figma Desktop App, my screen and keyboard turn off, but my macbook works (fans are making noise)! I can’t do anything, the hotkeys don’t work, the screen is off and won’t turn on with any action. I can do a hard reset.

After a hard reset, everything works until I log in, then all programs open, including figma, and my screen and keyboard turn off. I log in with “Shift”, then everything is fine, but I start the figma app and my screen and keyboard turn off.

I reinstalled the Figma app on my macbook but it happened again. I installed a special version from another branch for old Macbook and all is well so far.

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