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Figma Instruction Document Translation: English to Simplified Chinese


I build a category in my blog that translates Figma Documents from English to Simplified Chinese. I usually update one translation per day. By doing this, I hope I can contribute to this brilliant design tool to has more influence on Simplified Chinese user groups. There are also case study thinking in my blog.

Blog Language: Simplified Chinese
My blog:

If you are a native simplified Chinese user of Figma, you may like this blog as you can read Figma instructions in your native language.


我在博客中建立了一个类别,将 Figma 文档从英文翻译成中文。通常每天更新一个翻译文档。通过这样做,希望能为Figma在中国用户中的使用做出一些贡献。博客中还有一些Case Study的思考文章。


如果您是母语为简体中文的 Figma用户,希望这个博客能有一些帮助。