Figma - how responsive is Figma?


Our team is looking to move away from our current design tool and start using Figma for various reasons.

In particular I am investigating the prototyping side of Figma. I’ve been experimenting with it for some time now and there are many great things. But there are also things that I have a concern about or would love to be implemented (updated) in the future.

Looking at the change-log that Figma provides, I was hoping to understand if Figma responds to user requests and how frequently changes come. I and have noticed that there hasn’t been any major (perhaps not the best word to describe what I mean, but let’s use it) updates to the way prototypes work in Figma (introduction interactive components) for more than a year now.

Hence my question to the community who I believe have used Figma for longer and know better. How responsive is Figma to user requests in terms of prototyping features (as that is currently my main concern). As far as I can tell Figma seems to be focusing on FigJam at the moment (a tool which we do not need).

In the past I’ve had this image of Figma as the nimble company moving fast and trying things, but I’m not sure where it stands today.

I’m asking because I do not want us to get into a same situation as (for example) I’ve experienced with ‘XD’ where Adobe is directing users towards a feature request forum and the updates are extremely slow and the roadmap for them unclear.

I’m curious how the community feels - whether Figma has been responsive to requests in the past and currently. And what is the pace of that response. Oh, and is there a place (GitHub or something, for a roadmap of features to be implemented)?

Thank you for help!

anyone up for sharing their experience vs expectations? :slight_smile:

I’m with Figma since 2017. It’s prototyping is okay for small projects (like, 10-20 mobile screens without any advanced interactions) but becomes a mess on anything bigger. Interactive components may be buggy if you use resize instances which have interactions baked in.

I also have a feeling the company is focused on anything except making a proper ux tool and they seem to consider Figma as a graphic design app first. Well, that’s what I see from their twitter. It was good compared to Sketch back in 2017 but didn’t evolve much on “interaction design” side. I use it for basic prototyping and then transfer everything to Protopie (not on every project tho).

Recently we got this issue which makes the desktop app almost unusable on Mac.

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