Figma has no way to just navigate from screen to screen

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    In Zeplin, there was a way to view a single page. In Figma, it is a pain to just look at a single page. The zoom does not work right and you have to pan around to do it. As a developer, I find this a gigantic pain. I specifically never want to pan, that is completely useless. I only want to see a single screen.

Related to this, the left sidebar is pretty useless for navigation. The titles don’t correspond to much of anything and it’s pretty unclear what relation the options have to any of the screens or if they are even comprehensive.

Also, there is no way to easily see the distance between different elements.

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    Sorry, this is all confidential to my company.

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    Anyone else wish for Zeplin?

Rather than zoom and pan, I recommend trying out the keyboard shortcuts instead:

n → Go to next frame
Shift-n → Go to previous frame

This automatically resizes the view and centers it perfectly on screen for dev handoff. Plus you don’t have to mess with the left sidebar to navigate between screens.

Regarding distance between elements, if you click on any element and hover on any other element, you’ll see a redline that shows the distance between the two.

You have to hold down Alt/Opt for the measurements to show.

Thanks Klesus and ntfromchicago !! I had no idea! I will definitely try these keyboard shortcuts.

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