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Figma grab the whole RAM when I open large files after the last update (August 31, 2021)

I work with files that are split into pages with a single frame. Previously, the figma only loaded the page I was working with. But after the last update I can’t work with my files. Figma takes more than 10 GB but the program itself does not show any messages. The memory is removed until my laptop shows an emergency program shutdown.

Please tell me what exactly is the problem? I can’t change my files, because these are large-scale products and I need to work.

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Multiple other people have reported a similar issue recently. Please contact the Figma support team via the “?” in the bottom right corner of the app → “Contact support” regarding this issue and send your OS details.


P.S. I fixed the typo in the topic title: “ORM” → “RAM”.

Hi there,

I’m contacting you cause i can’t connect to my customers session since it’s crashing few seconde after the page is loaded.

I’ve check my system monitor while i’m loading the page and it looks like figma just absorbing all my ram memory until it crashs.

I have two computers, both on ubuntu linux, one is 16g ram the other one is 8g ram, but both of them crashing ( the 8th one faster than the 16g though )

It works perfectly on my girlfriend macbook though.

Please help me with that

Same problem here …
Ubuntu 20, corei7-1185G7, 16gb ram, and, figma absorbs all memory, like a black hole. :pensive:

Same problem, the screen often just goes completely black…

Same issue. We have been talking about it in another thread. One user fixed it for now by selecting OpenGL, but it didn’t work for me.

There are several topics about this issue, so far there’s no know solution to this
@poiru any updates? @Sho_Kuwamoto

Just to revive this thread, I’m also having this issue. I think Figma uses a lot of RAM, and I’m not sure what causes it.

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