Figma Freeze

Hi all - there’s a fix in the works to address the freezing issue. I don’t have an exact date of availability, but can promise you it is being worked on. Thanks for hanging in there!


Thanks for the update. This is by far the worst bug I’ve seen on Figma in the last 5+ years. My app is freezing multiple times per hour. IMHO, the engineering team should be dropping everything to fix this issue


Have to agree with Matt, it’s impossible to not get frustrated… a week is quite a long period to get critical issues like that fixed even in a big and slow organisation like Adobe…

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I’ve been experiencing the same issue 3-5 times a day for the last month on my Macbook pro M1Pro 16gb. I’m extremely disappointed with the experience and the huge interruption to my work process, especially when I’m doing presentations during the meetings @support

+1 starts lagging as soon as plugged into the external display. Started having this issue recently (10 days ago).

I am also getting a huge lockup every time i move to multiple displays or hover over the window controls in MacOS 11.5.2. Using a macbook pro. Everything else works fine, but its a near 30 second freeze just trying to maximize, minimize, or close the figma window with the traffic light buttons.

Mine too! I can’t understand … it’s been months since the first time this was reported, no fix yet?

Happening for me too, Figma freezes regularly, I think it happens mostly when I try to change Figma tabs, Figma just goes completely unresponsive for 5-60 seconds and then finally changes tabs. When it happens, all my other apps work fine.

Happening on an M1 Max with 64GB ram, macOS 12.5.1, using the desktop app.

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Same — happens when I switch tabs, and it’s driving me crazy. Started happening around ~2 weeks ago.

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Freezing is happening on both the Figma app and on Chrome. Not using an external screen anymore as it was causing some issues previously.
Can’t resize assets, move, scale them or do much in general. It takes 20+ seconds to do something, and even then on Chrome it will give me errors telling me to wait for the page to become responsive or end the session. Makes it near impossible to do any work!

Macbook Air macOS 12.5.1

Hey everyone - I know it’s been a long time coming, but the fix for this should now be officially rolled out to everyone! If you haven’t yet, please make sure to update your desktop app to version 116.3.8.

I’m going to close this thread and mark my comment as the solution for visibility.

If you notice issues you believe are related to this (or just in general), please start a new topic.

Deeply appreciate the patience you’ve all had during this time.