Figma Freeze

I have been having the same issue and noticed it is triggered the same way. I have also triggered it when going in and out of comment mode when I’m viewing a project file prototype.

I present to clients in the prototype mode and it’s always really frustrating to have Figma freeze during a client presentation.


I’ve been experiencing the same thing when going into full screen, dragging tabs to the second monitor, etc.

Figma freezes also on my end, but it happens on numerous occasions and situations. I have a MacBook 15 inch 2019. It usually freezes a minute or so. It’s very inconvenient, to put it mildly. I don’t think this is a community question, but more a bug issues for @Figma_Support

I am having the same issue, my app will totally freeze up and it freezes my whole computer. The only thing I can do is quit Figma.

I have a 16in MacBook Pro with 16 GB.

Hoping to find out how to resolve this!

Experiencing the same issue here on my macbook throughout various actions. @Figma_Support

Hi, same issue here as well. I have a 16“ Intel MacBook Pro with 64GB Ram. But it happens to all team members. We are on an Organization Plan. Switching tabs is annoying at the moment: there is always a loading indicator. Or the app freezes. We are using MS Teams. We can’t share our screens anymore, it‘s super laggy. We tried a lot of things: Clearing caches, restarts, etc. Nothing really worked. I think it started after all the major updates earlier this year (auto layout, variant properties). After this we experienced a lot of issues. We also stopped working with branches, because of memory warnings and problems with version history.

Hopefully Figma is aware of the issues. I will also report these issues to the support.

happens to me as well (also mac) is there anything to do with it? did anyone found any workaround because this is slowing down my work and creates a big problem for me and it started to becomes a nightmare working on figma.

Confirm, MPB Pro M1, 4K LG External Display, Figma freezing tab occurs on mid project size.

same issue! Macbook Pro 16" M1 Pro 16 GB :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Same issue here! I’m on a Macbook Pro 13" Intel. The freezing keeps happening and doesn’t seem to depend on the number of tabs I have open. Has anyone heard from Figma re: this problem? Would love to know how to resolve this.

Same issue here

Same here. So frustrating!!

@Figma_Support help!!!

The big issue around this problem is how NOT reproducible and it happens in some cases.
i’ve raised this issue with support but could not find why it was happening and also it is not file specific it is global to Figma.

Mee Too! This is BAD!

Should we go to Framer?

I have an M1 pro - 16" - 1TB - 16GB
I have exactly the same issue. I need to sit and wait for 1-4 minutes, then suddenly it wakes up and I can continue working. This happens mainly when I select a new tab. However it does not happen every time. I am not sure what triggers it but it happens daily 6-7 times.

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M1 Macbook Pro - today it started freezing when trying to export a file to pdf! Super frustrating especially that no one from @Figma_Support has replied yet!

Same deal as the others

Any update @Figma_Support ??

One thing I’m noting between all our answers is that we are using M1 computers and External screens?


  • Is this impacting any other apps
  • Is this happening to all of you when only on the laptop without external screen? (from my side it does not happen on laptop only)
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Same issue here but using an i5 mac and the desktop app.

Figma freezes whenever I have it connected with an external monitor and unfreezes when disconnecting. Also when I go out of it and come back and hover over the Figma window it just freezes and sometimes it restarts my laptop and asks me to log in again.

So seems there is an issue when it’s connected with a monitor. Don’t think I’ve seen any issues while it was disconnected from it.

This is so frustrating!!