Figma Forum only allows a finite number of votes?

I just added my vote to a feature and was told that I have “two votes remaining.” What is the point of the voting feature if it’s limited?

It would be one thing if we were voting on our desire for things already on Figma’s roadmap. But the point of this forum is (theoretically) for users to suggest things, and for Figma to determine which features they should add to the roadmap based on number of votes a suggestion gets from forum users.

In that context, I think unlimited votes makes more sense. New ideas are being suggested all the time, and us voting for Idea X doesn’t mean we lost interest in or desire for Idea B that we voted on two years ago.

And that’s another reason why I think voting should be unlimited: the Figma team doesn’t seem to monitor the forum to respond to and give updates on the most-requested features.

In a perfect world when a feature receives X votes someone on the product team would let us know if that feature aligns with the long-term vision for Figma and, if yes, tell us that it’s been added to the roadmap. In either case, the post would be locked and some status indicator shown to communicate to future requestors what Figma’s decision was on that feature.

If feature request fails to garner X votes by Y date, the thread is automatically closed/locked. And when a voting thread is locked for whatever reason, the votes would be released back to voters to use on other features.

Since that doesn’t happen there’s really no point to artificially limiting how many votes we have. If anyone on the Figma team is still monitoring these forums, please give us unlimited votes.

Hey @RizePoint_Product,

Sorry for the confusion!

Vote limitations are automatically set by your trust level, which is determined by your activity on the forum. This has been the first time we’ve run into anyone hitting their “two votes remaining” limit, as members usually reach the next trust level as they continue to use the forum over time. All users essentially have unlimited votes, as long as they stay active on the forum. We’ve manually bumped you up to the next level to ensure you have more votes.

That said, we do proactively monitor Top Feature Requests and update topic threads accordingly as new features launch. To be completely transparent, there is a 30 day window applied to every topic, which does close any topic that has not received any new votes or replies within the last month. But we do periodically reopen topics that we know the community is still interested in.

@dvaliao Thank you! Good to know.

Re: the monitoring of topic threads, I do appreciate updates when new features are launched, but it’s much more valuable to me–and, based on the comments on a lot of threads, to the users of this forum–to get updates prior to that point. Ex: Feature added to roadmap/Feature rejected, Feature under development and/or Feature slated for Q# of [Year], and then launched.

There are a lot of feature request threads on this forum that are 2+ years old with 1k+ votes and no response from the Figma team. Reading through those threads it’s clear that the lack of communication and transparency makes people feel hopeless, frustrated, and sometimes outright angry. While it’s good to know that feature requests are being monitored by the Figma team, as a Figma user it feels like our requests are being shouted into an uncaring void.

As a community manager I’m sure you’re already aware of this sentiment and have communicated it upwards to no avail. So, if it helps, to whatever suit on the Figma team makes these decisions, please know that your users are BEGGING you to talk to us. We don’t need answers right away, we just need to know that you’ve heard us, you understand the problem(s), and that you’re working on it–or if you won’t work on it, why. Your userbase is already feeling trepidation ahead of the Adobe acquisition; being transparent with us would really help shore up our confidence in the long-term viability of Figma and restore goodwill.

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We hear you. We always pass along our top voted feature requests to the right teams, but we sadly don’t always have the green light to disclose the expected timeline.

Our team has advocated to provide the community with a clear roadmap, which we hope can be launched in the near future!

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