Figma for developers. How to ease their work?


We’ve made internal design system survey for our developers. When I dived in the result I found that our developers see layouts helpful and they can get good general picture what’s going to be done. But some of the developers also raised problem related Figma. They feel it’s not clear how to see more detailed information like fonts, colors, spacings etc. For designer it’s easy because you work with Figma daily and especially if you build the layout you know exactly what’s happening. But for developers Figma is not definitely their main tool and it can confusing.

We’re had small design system onboarding/introduction for developers which include introduction for Figma. I’ve also been thinking to start using Redlines plugin ( But if you have lots of different views in the file it can be quite big job to draw all those redlines. I have to think this more.

I would like to know more tips and tricks how to ease developers work and how to make layouts more informative for them.