Figma Font Service technical & security details

Can anyone point me to some technical and security information for the Figma Font service?

I work at a government agency that has tight security controls and I need to do a detailed information security assessment as part of the request to have the font service installed on my design teams’ laptops. The basic information I’ve found is not enough.

Thanks :blush:

Hi yes, I am wondering something similar about this too.

  1. Which country is the cloud services based in?
  2. What are the different trackers/cookies/tokens does Figma have?
  3. Will Figma company be able to reproduce any of the customer organisation name/logo/ material content in any situation?

Will be great if some of these questions can be answered.

As mentioned on Figma security: Peace of mind by design.

Figma is hosted on Amazons AWS Cloud Service in the US. You can read more about all their security certificates and rules there, too.

On the other hand they are GDPR compliant as you can read here and on the Security page mentioned above.
There you can read more about the collected data and data processing, also have a look on here Figma Privacy Policy, too.