figma.fileKey undefined in org plugin

Hey folks!

I’m trying to use the fileKey property in a plugin published privately within our organization. I have enablePrivatePluginApi set to true in my manifest, and it works when I run it locally, but after I publish it, I get undefined. Is this a bug, or is there a step I’m missing here?


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Just to make sure, is the file you are trying it in place in the Org specifically or your personal space? I don’t know the specifics but it might be that it only works for files within the teams in the Org.

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Yup, the file is in the Org

Specifically, the file is located in a team’s project within the Org, something like

My Organization > Library Team > Components > My File

@Blair1 hi,so any solution you find to solve this problem?

@Blair1 hello, facing the same problem today… So is there any solution to get the fileKey of the file in a plugin privately published within the organization? Thanks a lot!