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Figma.exe Virus?

Hi there,

Since yesterday I have some problems with figma for Win Desktop.

Suddenly my firewall popped up with something like “Figma.exe is infected and got deleted” and it didn’t start with double click on the icon. It’s just a link and also the data path "“C:\Users\MY NAME\AppData\Local\Figma\app-95.8.0” isn’t correct working anymore.
I tryed to fix this problem and downloaded the setup file again, but it didn’t work.
The setup runs the figma.exe and it’s a little bit chaotic.

Do you know how to fix this?

Thank you.


Have you changed any firewall settings?
I’m using Figma on my Windows 10 laptop for more than two years and I haven’t seen this issue (I didn’t change any firewall settings).

Also, make sure you download Figma from the official downloads page.

No, I haven’t changed any firewall settings and I used the official page for my download. That’s why I’m so surprised and can’t explain how and why this error popped up.