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Figma Dark Mode/Theme

Hang on, there’s been an option since July… Is there something wrong with figmadark_com?

Figma users, the world around (fairly certain of that), would love to see an official announcement that its users can have confidence that someday (soon ? ! ) they can bask in the glory of the Dark Mode that Figma will deliver.


Please Figma, it’s winter. It’s dark. Most of us use Figma for UI design - literally designing dark mode layouts. c’mon.

It’s 2022, dark mode is something anyone willing to charge should have prioritized…

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Dark Mode please guys… :dark_sunglasses:

+1 for dark mode please, I like designing at night and constantly toggle on off the panels to just get them out of my eyes :smiley:

Dark Mode guys, think about it.

  1. Pitch Dark Mode
  2. Save Designers Retinas
  3. Designers work longer in Figma
  4. Designers download their love into everything they come in contact with.
  5. Profit.

The retina argument is bull. There’s no conclusive data that proves dark mode works for anything besides extending the battery life of your device.

I personally don’t mind the white. My Discord is white. My Asana is white. My Gmail inbox is white. A brighter screen in a lit room is white. Figma is white. This forum is white. A lot of sites are white.

Though it would be cool to have themes, which if available, I would probably put on middle gray like Photoshop CS3 had.

Flaming the development team with unfounded reasoning is a bit excessive. They have more pressing issues to work on, like the many other bugs we encounter in Figma. Let them worry about some theme later.

And if you want to, you can always install the third party version. Problem solved.

Cause people here are primarily cheap free users (me too) that do not want to spend $4 for a Dark Mode. I don’t mind the white.

please implement dark mode in the web version

For the web version, you can use the Noir extension. Works like a charm.

Please include a dark mode. My eyes are burning. :frowning: