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Seriously, a web design tool for designing pages with Dark Mode, but the tool itself does not have dark mode?
Nuts that Figma does not have a dark mode!
Nuts that Figma ignores it’s community!
And this is how tools come and go. You just have to ignore your customers long enough.

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Another one here looking for dark mode. Oh well… off to sketch again

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Been noticing the strain on my eyes a lot more lately with the bright canvas. Hoping it launches soon!

:black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle: DARK MODE :black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle:
:black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle: please :black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle::black_circle:

Please add dark theme