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Figma Dark Mode/Theme

Oh wow, this works surprisingly well, in browser of course. Awesome. I’m using Firefox with the Dark Reader plug-in.

But they REALLY still need to make this an option in the desktop app.

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I can look at a screen for approx. 4 hours more with dark mode turned on, until my eyes start to hurt. I find it hard to work with light mode, because even the lowest display brightness setting is not enough.


Most upvoted feature. Give people the ability to vote and will vote for Dark Theme.



The whole our design team (10 designers) needs this, because we are working a lot with maritime software mockups that are both in day and night (dark and low contrast) mode.


It s a JOKE

Fooled again… That’s a damn shame.

Buyer beware. Does not appear to work on Figma 97.7 macOS 11.3. because it only works on Figma Beta… I swear I know how to read

It works only in Figma Beta, as stated on the site.

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Dark mode for Figma Beta

LOL I read that as Dark Figma being in beta… I’m dumb

  1. Add Dark Mode
  2. Market it like a Boss
  3. Profit???

This is just an april fools day joke

This is the #1 feature I miss the most switching from Sketch. Please add Dark Mode, Figma!


It is high time we have Figma with a Dark Mode switch!
And, probably with a customizing option for those who love to use the shades of gray!

Eagerly waiting for the official release news!


Yes please!!!

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Yesss we need please !! :slight_smile:

Would also love to see this in an upcoming version :slight_smile:

Trying out Figma Jam with my team and it’s incredibly exciting; but in these times of remote-work and different timezone, the whole ecosystem is absolute torture for our eyes, our rooms and for those of us not fortunate enough to have separate offices, our ability to work without bothering close-by family members.

Jam seems to offer a limited set of colors, none of which is dark or even dark gray. I’m in Stockholm, Sweden and it’s 1AM here; my eyes literally hurt from brainstorming an idea and I hate that I may have to go through this experience again.

For the love of God Figma, please give us a dark theme :pray: it’s more than just a style

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How to install this theme? What file should I edit and what code to add?
Can the creator of this topic or someone, who have a dark theme make the instruction, give code or just upload the working Figma with a dark theme?

How figma continues to not have a dark mode is beyond me. This is the sole reason I am not switching from sketch.


I noticed my LG monitor has Figma side panels burned in! Dark theme would be highly appreciated.