Figma crashing frequently to me only?

Am I the only one getting crashes frequently? I’m on the Figma Beta.
Is there a way I can debug what the problem might be?

I’ve found this on the log file:

web_app_view ipc send /files: segmentTrackEvent [ ‘Render Process Destroyed’, { path: ‘/file/***********’, reason: ‘oom’, exitCode: -5368…

Hi @bogas are you only seeing this in the Figma beta desktop app only or does it recreate in the non Beta desktop app / browser as well?

The file might be hitting a out of memory issue, can you try reverting your file back a version or two and see if that helps?

Hi Ryan, what is the memory limit and is there a way to know if it’s hitting?
I do have a very large file that I think I need to break into several. Although it has also happened while on the home view.

Haven’t tried in non-Beta or Browser. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it happens, it happens like 3/4 times.

Figma and FigJam are browser-based apps, which means they’re subject to a 2GB available memory limit that applies to each browser tab, including those in our Desktop App.

To address this, we recommend taking a look at our guide on how to Reduce memory usage in files.