Figma Crash on Windows 11 / Preview Build

Hi there,

I’m running into a frustrating issue with Figma on Windows 11. Any time I launch a prototype, the app completely crashes. Often times it will fail to relaunch afterwards, especially if a prototype is one of the tabs. I am on a Windows Insider Preview build but that’s required to do my job. Are there any known issues that cause this type of crash? I’ve read other posts about plugins causing the issue but I haven’t been running any plugins. Haven’t been seeing any other memory related issues that would lead me to believe it’s capping out there.

When this issue continues it renders Figma completely unusable on a PC. It will even crash prototypes when I open it on regular browser. Hoping someone can provide guidance, thanks!

Hey @Ryan_Hayen - since we’re talking about a preview build, it would be best for our support team to advise you on this directly. Apologies I can’t give you any guidance right away.

Please file a ticket here: